Liberty Rising – the Dawning of Freedom

I was given a mandate to do seven baptisms along the western seaboard of the United States. I was told to do the first baptism on May 30, 2020 at Pirate’s Cove in Corona Del Mar, California where fifty years ago in 1970 Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel and Hippie preacher, Lonnie Frisbee started the first baptisms of the Jesus Movement.

Season of Discovery and Recovery

In 1996 I was inspired by the Lord to start reaching out to the youth. I had put together a team of people and we just started praying, asking God for direction. After much prayer it was determined that we were going to put on a concert with several bands. We selected the date, found the venue and secured the music groups who would be performing. Over 5,000 kids showed up, and hundreds came to know the Lord.

The City of Angels – Time to Crown this Town

Arise and shine your light has come! Let’s take hold of this message of revival, and press into the Lord. He can take a handful of people who are in unity, to change the world. Let’s believe that this is the time of history for this to happen. Let’s go for the GOLD!

2014 – A Year of the Double Portion

According to Malachi 4: 4-5 in the Bible, the Lord will turn father’s hearts back to their children and will restore the lost. The Father God in heaven is going to be bringing forth the “Greatest Show on Earth.” It will look very different than any other movement in history.