Doorkeepers of the Altar and Justice in America present
Prayer, Prophets and Patriots – A Day of Prayer and Hope for Our Nation
Hosted by Pastor Gwen Joseph
Full breakfast and inspiring messages from patriot and prophetic leaders
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Love Revolution

Praise – Power – Prophecy
God is pouring out His love for another revolution.
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SG ANON Unveiled With Intel About WEF, the Jab, Hollywood, and the Best is Yet to Come!

Meri Interviews SG ANON who reveals who he is. Meri goes into a DEEP DIVE on a number of subjects including the WEF, Kevin McCarthy, Sex Trafficking and how the DEEP STATE is being taken down systematically.


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Freedom Cry Promo

Promo film – Sex Trafficking in America

New Book - Freedom Cry

This book is dedicated to the women and children who are being tormented every day. GOD has heard your prayers and we are fighting for you! This book is also dedicated to the education for people to join in on the fight against trafficking. Don't curse the darkness.. light a candle, together. Together we can help free the children who are crying in the dark for help.

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The People's Prayer Network

Please join with us in praying for our nation – sign up to pray for 15-minutes a day!

The Rising of America – The Birthing of a Movement

America is in the middle of a civil war! The United States has become divided! But I believe that this will be the greatest time to be alive in history. But we need to stand up and speak up against tyranny. We need to be the remnant who will stand for freedom and not back…


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