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San Diego – Open the Heavens – June 28-29

Let God Arise!
Be Part of the New Wave!

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Freedom Cry Promo

Promo film – Documentary

Sheila Holm With Info on Big Ben, the Royals, Trump, and It's Go Time!!!!

Meri interviews Sheila Holm with important information on the changing of the guard! Signs in London with Royal Family having cancer, Kate Middleton, and a Q drop with Big Ben.


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The People's Prayer Network

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Freedom Cry

New book by Meri Crouley

This book is dedicated to the women and children who are being tormented every day. GOD has heard your prayers and we are fighting for you! This book is also dedicated to the education for people to join in on the fight against trafficking. Don't curse the darkness.. light a candle, together. Together we can help free the children who are crying in the dark for help.

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The Prodigal: The Life of Lonnie Frisbee

New book by Meri Crouley and Randall Frakes

Lonnie Frisbee was a slight hippie who helped spark the youth Jesus Movement in the late sixties. He ministered all over the world and the many churches he seeded still are saving people every day. He cast out demons and helped heal the blind and the infirm, without making a big theatrical fuss about it. But there is a secular part of the story that is colorful and startling. Find out more about the inside operations of many churches where he preached.

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The Rising of America – The Birthing of a Movement

America is in the middle of a civil war! The United States has become divided! But I believe that this will be the greatest time to be alive in history. But we need to stand up and speak up against tyranny. We need to be the remnant who will stand for freedom and not back…


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