02/21/2024 TONIGHT’s Hollywood Zoom Prayer Meeting

Hello Family!
Tonight, Wednesday, February 21, 7pm to 10pm (PST) we will have our Breakthough Hollywood zoom call and the theme is:
“The Journey of the Heart – From Trauma to Triumph
On tonight’s zoom call we are honored to have:
  • John Davidson  was a Hollywood Writer, Director and Producer working with A-List actors and campaigns until he woke up after the Covid crisis and released documentary “Dpidemic of Fraud”.
  • Renee Sanchez  will share her triumph after being accused unuustly as a paramedic and $40 million lawsuit against her and after 2 week trial with Jesus giver her victory and exoneration.
  • Sherrill Read grew up feeling lonely and unloved unti she went to Italy to study fine arts and the Renaissance and had an encounter with Jesus unlocking her heart.
  • David Hess ministered in Arab Nations to Muslims with radical God encounters and now focused on California with new movement “The ROCK OC”
  • Steve Goodyear  will share his upbringing as a young boy with anxiety and loneliness until Jesus healed him.  He had a major encounter with Jesus in 1992 with a message about the “upcoming battle with darkness” and God delivering God’s people and bringing in an end-time Harvest.


Join us tonight to hear other stories of “Triumph over Trauma”!

We will be celebrating communion at 9pm.

Go to:  www.zoom.us  The meeting ID is: 649-438-7145  or click https://us02web.zoom.us/i/6494387145.

Invite others!

Dr. Meri Crouley