3/22/2023 TONIGHT’s Hollywood Zoom Prayer Meeting

Hello everyone!  We have a very special Breakthrough Hollywood zoom

call tonight, March 22, 2023 and the theme is:

“God is releasing Keys for Victory on 3/23/23!”

On tonight’s call:

  • James Keough was Lonnie Frisbee’s spiritual son and James called Lonnie “Dad”.  James will share his incredible story of being on a surf trip with friends in Baja California when their jeep rolled off the road they were on.   James was thrown from the jeep!  You will hear his harrowing testimony of dying several times and being brought back to life.   He will also share how he met Lonnie Frisbee and his amazing encounters they had at the end of Lonnie’s life 30 years ago.

  • Tim & Shanna Biedron will share their supernatural love story of being sovereignly connected through a word of knowledge by the Holy Spirit at a Whole Foods Market.   They will share the journey of their miracle marriage and the miracle of their daughter, Purim, who was born on the “Feast of Esther”.

  • Lee Michael Abrego was born into a mafia cartel family!  You will hear the amazing miracle of God divinely intervening when a gangster was going to kill him at 16.  He was also told that he would become famous as a musician if he worshipped satan as he was working his way up the charts in LA.   He now is serving Jesus full time and seeing many come into God’s family!

  • Kelly Fink will talk about taking a team of prophetic Holy Spirit led ministers into
    the demonic “burning man” festival.   You will hear how God encountered these young people and now they are “burning for Jesus”

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We will be celebrating communion at 9 pm.

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The meeting ID is: 649-438-7145 or click https://us02web.zoom.us/j/6494387145

Please share.  See you tonight.   Invite others!

Dr. Meri Crouley. 🦅🌎🦅