05/29/2024 TONIGHT’s Hollywood Zoom Prayer Meeting

Hello Family!
Tonight, Wednesday, May 29, 7pm to 10pm (PST) we will have our Breakthrough Hollywood zoom call and the theme is:
“Today is May 29 and God will ALIGN & send A DIVINE SIGN!
On tonight’s zoom call we have:
  • Michael Kisabuli from Kenya will share his amazing story of being the 65th child of his father and being born into poverty to overcoming obstacles and is now reaching thousands through his church in Kenya.
  • “A Good Dog” (alias name) is now an investigative journalist and his background was in high tech and was eye witness to much corruption and will share his compelling story of coming fact to face with Jesus and now exposes corruption and hosts the show QBits!
  • Brother Barnabus had an encounter with God and was sent to China and was part of the underground church seeing over 25,000 Chinese coming to Christ every day in one of the Greatest Harvest of Souls!
  • Kevin Thomas served in the military and will share his new song released on Memorial Day and incredible story of faith to fight on.
  • Rick McDonald is a reformer and revivalist who will share a fresh word recently given by Holy Spirit.  He has traveled extensively serving with YWAM around the world.

Join us tonight to hear several other stories of divine alignment on May 29!

We will be celebrating communion at 9pm.

Go to:  www.zoom.us  The meeting ID is: 649-438-7145  or click https://us02web.zoom.us/i/6494387145

Invite others!

Dr. Meri Crouley 🌎🔥🌎