God Is The Greatest Director

I woke up this morning and heard the Lord say “The changing of the guard is at hand”. Get ready for the “Greatest Show on Earth”. All of heaven has been waiting for this show!    Many of God’s people have been discouraged because of “hope deferred”.  But this is the season of the “suddenlies” of God coming on the scene. 

The devil has been a “scene stealer”.  He has stolen your lines, stolen your finances, stolen your future.  But now it’s time to ACT.

I hear the Lord saying, “LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!”.  God is the greatest Director in the world.  Even in the word it says, “I will lead you and guide you where you shall go.  I WILL DIRECT YOU WITH MY EYE”.    A director in the movies has to look through the eye of the camera before he starts filming to make sure everything is properly placed.  The Lord has been making sure everybody is in their position and the lighting is correct before he says “ACTION”.  If one thing is out of place it can distort and disrupt the whole scene.

God is telling us that everything is SET!  On your mark, get set, GO!  The floodgates are ready to open!  The Lord is going to show the world “The Greatest Story Ever Told”.  The church is getting ready to take back the media!  There has been a famine in film.  There  have been very few good films lately which have been produced.  But the Lord has allowed this famine to come in order for the world to be hungry for the Lords films which are being released.  It’s time for a movement.  It’s time for locomotion.  It’s time for the Lord to use motion pictures to show millions of people HIS HEART!  Get ready – it’s time to move!  ACTION!!!

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