“Field of Dreams”

2011 has been a year of transition for many of us. Many people have gone through challenges and wonder if God has been hearing their prayers. As I was meditating recently I heard the Lord speak to me in my spirit, “Many of my children are suffering from discouragement and disillusionment. But I am going to make their dreams come true!”. WOW! Your dreams are going to come to fruition! But now is the time we have to believe.

Recently I was watching the movie, ‘Field of Dreams’ with Kevin Costner. He was out in his corn fields when he heard a voice say to him “If you build it, they will come!”. He wasn’t sure what that meant until he saw a vision of a baseball field with a scoreboard all lit up. He knew then that he was called to build a baseball field in the middle of nowhere It didn’t make sense to him at the time. But the voice was persistent and he finally told his wife and she encouraged him to follow his dream.

He plowed over the corn and built this baseball field in the middle of nowhere. People thought he was crazy! What has God told you to do that seems crazy! You have to follow your dreams! God is getting ready to make your dreams come true. Just believe!

Going back to the story, after he built the baseball field he was then told to go find a writer in New York named Terrence Mann and take him to a baseball game. Again, it didn’t make sense. Terrence Mann was a writer who had lost his dream and quit writing. Kevin Costner’s character was told to take Terrence to a baseball game. It didn’t make any sense to either of them but reluctantly they went to the game. In the middle of the game they both got a message which flashed on the scoreboard “GO THE DISTANCE”.

This is a word for all of us right now. We have come so far that we can’t quit. The fields are ripe unto harvest with millions who do not know Jesus. God is giving many of you ideas and visions for how to reach the lost. Listen to his voice and God will direct you. It might not make sense but GO THe DISTANCE!

Five years ago I was told to produce a movie about a hippie preacher who was the catalyst for the Jesus Movement in California. It inspired thousands and I was told that this movie could reach millions. I went through three writers to finally find the right one. In one week we will have the completed draft and will go into production. Often I felt discouraged and wanted to quit. But God said GO THE DISTANCE! If you produce it they will come.

God is going to make your dreams come true! Its always darkest before the dawn. 2012 is going to be a year of governmental shifting for Gods kingdom. The stage is set. God has been keeping score! We have already won the game.

In closing,Winston Churchhill was asked to give a speech for a graduation class for a college in England. He walked up to the podium and said “Never give up! Never, never, never give up!”. And then he turned around and walked off the stage.

The movie ‘Field of Dreams’ is a fictional story but is a metaphor. Kevin listened to the voice and eventually it affected thousands of people to believe again. You should watch the movie for all the details. But God is saying “if you build it they will come”. Go the distance. You will reap if you don’t quit. Your dreams are ready to come true! Just believe!

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  1. Meri:

    You are so right on for what God is doing at this present time. I bear witness to your message and about ‘The hippie preacher” I live in Santa Ana, CA and never knew about Lonnie Frisbee growing up or what his ministry was about. I think I have been in a cave for the last ten years and God is revealing things to me in a suddenlies it is astounding! I meet you after a service in Santa Ana and gave you a word about “The Perfect Sound”…time is now! Joel two is coming to pass in this next season and God is building a wave of awakenings in his people that will usher many into the Kingdom of God. Be diligent in what he has called you to do. You are a blessing in this hour.

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